Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Sep 05 17

Some of our most recent sites, and some favourite oldies.

We've built sites for artists, food producers, manufacturers, municipalities, realtors, local attractions, restaurants, resorts and more.  Here are some sites we are especially proud of.

Updated: Feb 02 18
 Created: Sep 04 17

Pinewood Inn

This site uses a lot of photos to convey the message:  "Pinewood Inn is a great place to stay."

Updated: Sep 17 17
 Created: Mar 05 17

Ketha Newman, Artist

Home page of kethanewman.com

Ketha's paintings reflect her life in Ontario's woodland. This website showcases her recent paintings as well as her Canadian Backwoods Colouring Book.  

Updated: Mar 05 17
 Created: Mar 04 17

The Mix Company

themixcompany.com Home page

This site had to be easy for shoppers to use, and easy for the owner to update.  It has special touches like testimonials that appear randomly on some pages.  But of course, it had to be beautiful as well.

Updated: Mar 05 17
 Created: Dec 06 15

Madawaska Valley Studio Tour

Collage of artists

Slideshows show off the work of the artists, and a map helps you organize your tour.  Artists provide photos and content in their private area.

Updated: Sep 04 17
 Created: Jan 26 14


AlgonquinEast.com home page

Our own local and visitor information site uses Site Manager to make the weekly updates easy.

Updated: Feb 01 14
 Created: Feb 01 14

Linda Sorensen

lindasorensen.com home page

An artist's site that features a gallery of her recent work and a portfolio.  Since the upload procedure takes care of the technical details, the artist can update the galleries herself.

Updated: Sep 04 17
 Created: Jan 22 14

Bonnechere Valley Windows

Bonnechere Valley Windows home page
This site for a local manufacturer has to be well-organized. It provides information on a wide range of doors, windows and associated products.

Updated: May 19 19
 Created: Jan 26 14

Heritage Walk

heritagewalk.ca home page

A Google map showing Heritage plaques in Madawaska Valley.  Visitors can click on a pointer for a photo and detailed description of the plaque.

Updated: Sep 05 17
 Created: Feb 14 16

Valley Cedarleaf Oil

valleycedarleafoil.ca Home Page

A simple site with sophisticated features, including online ordering.  

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Sep 04 17

Freymond Lumber

The site background is a photo of stacked lumber

This site provides information about the many aspects of this diversified business.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Jul 01 15

McGregors Produce

This site features live Facebook and Twitter feeds, and a number of banner photos.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Jan 26 14

Township of Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards

killaloe-hagarty-richards.ca home page

This municipal site contains a lot of information, and manages to keep it all organized.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Dec 06 15

Valley Vettes

Car-focused page with slideshow of corvettes (of course).

The club had an ambitious idea for their home page and wanted each member to be able to edit their own page.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Jul 01 15

Dominica Cottages

Aside from plenty of gorgeous photos, this site features mobile-friendly design that adjusts to small screens.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Oct 30 14

Twp of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan

Home page of The Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan website

This website for a local municipality has to make it easy for residents to find the information they need.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Jan 29 14

The Granary Restaurant

granaryrestaurant.ca home page

The Granary's home-made specialties are the focus of this site, but a slideshow displays its attactive ambiance, while a Google map helps to get you there.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Jan 22 14

McRae Lumber Company

McRae Lumber Company home page

This site features historical photos and information about the company and logging operations in the area. 

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Jan 26 14

R. C. Yantha Electric

rcyantha.ca home page

This local electrical and plumbing contractor wanted us to emphasize the wide variety of services he offers.

Updated: Dec 06 15
 Created: Dec 06 15

Killaloe Fair

Banner combines two photos of the Fair site.  Lots of information in three columns.

This site needs to be updated frequently in the weeks before the Fair.  So it has to be easy for busy volunteers to maintain.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Jan 29 14

Griffith Farm & Market

griffithfarm.ca home page

From this site you can order all Griffith Farm's products - from a frozen chili to a side of beef. 

Updated: Oct 31 14
 Created: Jan 22 14

Riverside Dental

Riverside Dental website home page
This site for a local dental clinic includes information about oral hygeine and treatment options.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Jan 29 14

Killaloe Sportsplus

killaloesportsplus.ca home page

A slideshow and News block grab the attention of visitors to this site.

Updated: Sep 06 17
 Created: Sep 06 17

One-Page Sites

Lots of information in these little sites.  An economical way to get started.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Oct 30 14

Wutnot Sound

Home page of Wutnot Sound

This innovative new business offers technical expertise and a beautiful natural setting that aims to inspire its clients' creativity.   

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Aug 16 14

Mike's Custom Kitchens & Baths


A tiny one-page site that includes a photo gallery and contact form.

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Jan 26 14

BayRoc Drywall

bayrocdrywall.ca home page

A one-page site presents essential information in an attractive but economical package.